Jennifer J. Kuspira

Jennifer Jill Kuspira (JennyQ), is a creative soul who has always been enthralled with a good story, song and mystery.  She was born and raised in Ottawa, Canada.

When she was five, she and her mother would volunteer backstage at the Savoy Society.  She quickly became her mother's assistant and loved the magic of opening night, the music and the stories.  She adored language arts class in school, especially creative writing. When she was 11, she was awarded the Elementary School Essay Competition writing prize by the Humane Society of Ottawa-Carleton.

Early influences include Dr. Seuss, Jim Henson and Richard Scary.  She attended a specialty program for broadcasting where she learned the art of editing video and audio to create short pieces and how to present herself in front of the camera. She earned a combined honours degree in Drama and Communication Studies at the University of Windsor where she furthered explored new ways to tell and share stories from formal academic essays to documentaries. 

In Toronto, she worked with various production companies including Radke Films, Shaftesbury Films and most significantly as production and camera assist at YTV, where she also auditioned for work as a puppeteer and on-camera talent.  This is when she created Willy and was soon inspired to create WIlly’s World of Adventure - a children’s television series to entertain and educate.  In the CBC studios, she shot a pilot called Groovin Grub’ and wrote her first song, “Empty Tummy Blues”.

At 33, after a time of devastating loss and recovery from heart surgery, she stepped away from television production, but continued to write and journal. When she bounced back, she landed a career as a Developmental Services Worker.  Although it may seem a world apart from entertainment to health care, Jenny understood the connection.  She loves this work because the families and their children keep her inspired, reminding her that life is a gift.  At the World Storytelling Event with the Baden Guild of Storytellers in 2017, she shared an original piece, Bag of Butterflies.  Later that year, she co-authored stories and poems in Empowered Hearts - Courageous Writers Connected by Words, and also began writing Volume One of Willy’s World of Adventure, Sweet Treat.  

She met the most amazing group at the Guelph Guild of Storytellers.  She began as a keen audience member and jumped at the invitation to storytell. Today, Jenny is an active member of the Guild and participates regularly at Stories on the Hill and Tea N Tales. The first story she learned and shared was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein.  From that moment on, Jenny’s inner creative being was resurrected and hungry for expression. Jenny has explored and invested in her personal development and purpose-driven life of creativity with motivational and inspirational books by some of her favorite authors of the genre: Napoleon Hill, Price Pritchett, James Allen and Benjamin Hoff.  

Jenny works with families as a frontline worker with Kids Country Club and Extend-A-Family as well as with the Waterloo Region District School Board as an Educational Assistant. She is always writing something new, enjoying music or boxing. JennyQ is driven by four core beliefs:

Happiness (what life is meant to be about)

Humour (laughter is key)

Respect (for self and for others)

Inclusion (everyone has something to offer).

 She has a passion and purpose to teach and create happiness in all she does.