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Welcome to my site:

I am excited that you have decided to swing by and say hello.  My name is JennyQ Kuspira and  I am passiinate  about  exploring, creating and sharing stories.   I AM always enthused to share what I create for you.  Even more exhilerating is when I am able to CREATE WITH YOU.  What stories do you want to share??

WILLY WUZ: Fun for kids of all ages

Here you are able to explore Willy's three passions:

  1. STORIES & STUFF:  A show
  2. ADVENTURES WITH WILLY: In the  Comminity

POCKETS OF HAPPINESS: let's find yours

Decision is the Door: COMING SOON.


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JENNYQ: All about who I am and my passions

Here is where you will have a chance to get to know me more intimately through my bio,  and my blog.  


Simple and straight forward information about what I can do for you or with as a creative content creator, as an author, storyteller, speaker, group leader.

As a creative content maker my passion and want is to help you elevate and share  your stories with

JennyQ : Creative Content Maker

What is a Creative Content Maker?

If you can imagine it we can create it

As a creative content maker my passion and want is to help you elevate and share  your stories with your audience, clients and community. 

I describe myself as creative content maker because my soul and mind love to create and play with a variety of artistic and fun mediums such as:

*quotes, paintings, digital images and short voice clips and videos,  to enhance whatever story you want to create.   

It might be a poem, a short story or a section on your website.

To explore ways that I can help you create and share your unique story, please contact me  

*note: I am not a "professional" or expert in any of these art forms.  I am a passionate, curious and creative writer and storyteller, who incorporates these mediums into my work because it stirs my soul and it is so much fun.

Learn More

Curious about recent "creative content" projects and creations.  

Please take a look at:

my writing

my art

my blog

my positivity poster gallery

you also can review a summary of my work as an Author, Storyteller and Writer...just press the button.

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I would love to hear from you

What is on your mind?

All questions, comments, jokes, thoughts or stories are WELCOME

I have created this site as a way to share who I am as an artist,  what I create, stories I learn and the adventures I have.  This form is a way for US to make contact via Email.

I adore feedback and insights, so please feel free to share.    I believe it is important to both listen and learn from others.  


I look forward to meeting  you.  Your time is the most incredible gift anyone can ask to have. I truly value the time you have taken to visit my site.

I look forward to hearing from you.

JennyQ Kuspira