JennyQ Kuspira Welcome to my siteJennyQ Kuspira Welcome to my siteJennyQ Kuspira Welcome to my siteJennyQ Kuspira Welcome to my site


Sweet Treat : International Launch OCTOBER 10th 2019

Sweet Treat: Now Available at Words Worth Books

Happy December 9th 2019

I am THRILLED to be continuing down this road of adventure with Willy.  


SWEET TREAT is now available at WORDS WORTH BOOKS in Waterloo Ontario.

JennyQ and Willy Wuz in Waterloo

December 4th WAS an exciting day!!!

That is the first day that SWEET TREAT was placed in the children's section of Words Worth Books in Waterloo.

We love being able to be part of our community at our local book store.  Some benefits of being part of a local bookstore:


  • you can look at the book before buying

  • you are supporting a local writer and business


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willy'S Ice Cream Discovery

Music: Stephen Preston

Lyrics: Stephen Preston, JennyQ Kuspira

A musical version of SWEET TREAT;  Willy'S trip to Mapleton's  Organic Dairy Farm in Moorefield Ontario.

Stories: Written


Poetry, stories and books from me to you.

Click the link and find something to read  & some behind the scenes fun.

Willy's World of Adventure 


In Volume one Willy is on a mission to find out where ice cream REALLY comes from because he is on a mission to find his SWEET TREAT.

JennyQ: What she can do for you


Creative Content maker (Writer/Storyteller)

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JENNYQ and YOU  describes the services I offer to you as a creative force filled with passion about community and people. 

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Click and Take a peek and you will see the amazing group of tellers that  I  learn from and share stories with through out  the region.

As a local storyteller in the Kitchener/Waterloo area I participate in several open mic/story telling nights.

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