Positivity Posters

The private parts of JennyQ

I  design positivity posters for me.  It is a creative outlet for me to create A way to remind myself that things always  have a blessing in them and that my life is designed and experienced by my   MINDSET.  It is a "snapshot of meditation and self study"

Come and explore the galleries  and my moments in my life.

JennyQ's Gallery:


Now I feel it is the right time to share these posters with you.  They are here for your support.  A friendly face who wants you to know:

*YOU  are important

*YOU are strong

*YOU are amazing

*YOU are beautiful

Guelph Guild of Storytellers Gallery

I quickly connected with the Guelph Guild of Storytellers after moving to Guelph in 2009. I am now an active member.

   During  this current season of Tea N Tales I have been asked to use my skills in poster making to promote our weekly event on our Facebook page.

What a lot of fun it has been creating and sharing another area in my life that I am passionate about with you

Friends and Fun Gallery

The fantastic thing about being creative and doing something over and over again is you find new ways to apply old techniques.

That is exactly what this gallery is all about.  I had some friends ask if I would make them a poster  "ABSOLUTELY"

During this time I also was starting to think about JQT (JennyQ Time -- see below) so I wanted to create posters to share some of the things that I can OFFER YOU as part of JQT.

I am all about happy and positive thoughts so I paired the creation with quotes and some pretty fun posters are the result as you can see