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Below I have included a description of work I have created recently.  

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October 2019 was an exciting time for me.  It was the month where  Sweet Treat was lauched and published.  

THis is the first book in a series of adventures.



The last couple of years I have created and explored several exciting and rewarding projects.

1.  JennyQ's Blog:  I launched my blog in May 2018 during my trip to Ireland.  The intention was a travel blog where to share a story during each of my stops along my journey.  Since returning home to Waterloo Ontario it has transformed into a platform to share ideas and experiences connected to either a personal journey and I am in 2020 expanding it to include  community-connected events, people and adventures.    

2.  Nurse Jenny:   I am an active member of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers.  The guild was invited by the Guelph Civic Museum to research, write and perform original “Ghost Stories” for an event called History Hauntings.  I wrote a piece called Nurse Jenny.  It is a story inspired by the history of the Guelph Reformatory during World War 1.

3.  Scrabble:  This is a piece of writing I created as a flash fiction piece.  The challenge was to write it within a 2-hour time frame.  A combination of autobiographical details with a creative licence to mould time and memory resulted in an efficient and powerful story about my Dad and part of the journey of living with Dementia.  Since its completion, I have been invited to present it as an oral story with my guild in May 2019.



Last year provided new venues where I could grow my abilities and skill as a storyteller.

July 2018:  I was allotted a 20-min time slot at the Tea and Tales series in Guelph, Ontario.  I was thrilled to learn and share several stories I picked up while away in Ireland.  This is an outdoor venue and my third season storytelling at this event.

November 2018:  I was invited to be part of a group presentation of a book called “A Bear in War” written by Stephanie Innes and Harry Endrulat.  We presented to the entire school during a Remembrance Day assembly at Edward Johnson Public School.

December 2018: Sya Van Geest, another Guild member and I prepared a story for two voices called “A Creature was Stirring” written by Carter Goodrich.  The presentation was at the Rockmosa Older Adult Centre located in Rockwood, Ontario.

History Hauntings 2019

As part of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers I was invited to create and perform an original ghost story based on Guelph's  history.  This video is just a quick peek into how much fun it was to be spooky and part of such a great event.

JennyQ Time:Your Creative Companion

JennyQ Time are blocks of time where I join YOU to do a fun activity of your choice.

JennyQ On The Block

How Long is a block?

A block is 30 minutes.  It is a half hour focussed on one activity of your choice.

How much is a block?

$30 / block

Option "FUN"     

This is a one hour visit (2 blocks) with JennyQ. 

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This is a two hour visit (4 blocks) with JennyQ 



If you can imagine it we can create it

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Jenny Q Kuspira

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If you can imagine it we can create it


$30/ page or less

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$40 for a 20 minute set                   

As a creative content maker my passion and want is to help you elevate and share  your stories with your audience, clients and community.  It could be a poem, a short story or a section on your website.

I adore learning, researching and creating stories.   My skill set is working within short forms of writing, 5000 words or less. 

I also tell stories that average about ten min per telling, so a twenty minute set will give you two or three stories.

To further learn about my style of writing please feel free to explore my blog and writing sections of my site.