Where it started

From a very young age I was quite enthralled with stories from books (Dr. Seuss), to television (Jim Henson), to theatre (the Savoy Society--Gilbert and Sullivan ) and eventually to school.  In school I earned my first recognition as a writer in 1984 from the Humane Society of Ottawa Carleton for a school wide essay competition.  Here is where I began to discover the joy in both CREATING and SHARING stories with other people.


In The Middle

After I graduated from the University of Windsor I moved to Toronto to pursue a career in television production.  During this time period I created Willy and had a dream to produce a dynamic and engaging children's show called WILLY'S WORLD  OF ADVENTURE.  A pilot was shot. Groovin Grub:  Episode G about healthy eating.  I was ready to start telling stories through the eyes of Willy.

As life sometimes does, several challenges crossed my path and I had to push pause on my dreams to share stories and create wonderful worlds from my imagination.  

An unexpected path in life took me down a new career as a Developmental Services Worker.  This is still work I do today.  Did this life change stop me from being creative and telling stories---absolutley NOT!!!  I embraced any time I can sing, read a story or even write a story with one of the kids I support at work.


Loving the Present--Each Day is a gift

As I got older I got Married and moved to Guelph.  Here I met the most incredible group of Storytellers that I have ever known.  They are the members of the Guelph Guild of Storytellers  

In 2012 I started as an audience member and jumped at the opportunity to participate in the open mic platform.  It was very soon after that I officially became a member of the guild and I now am a regular teller both at :

Tales From The Hill  

Tea N Tales 

I have been very happy and fortunate to  participate in several storytelling projects:

  • A Creature Was Stirring: A Christmas Story in two voices (December 2018)
  • A Bear in War: Remembrance Day Assembly at Edward Johnson PS
  • History Hauntings at the Guelph Civic Museum (October 2018)
  • Journey of the Storyteller (workshop with Marilyn Peringer --June 2017)
  • Metamorphoses: Tales of Transformation (March 2017)

I will be telling again this Season at Tea N Tales on August 9th 2018 with Sarah Abusarar.  

Take a peek below and you will see the amazing group of tellers that  I  learn from and share stories with each month.


Created May 21st 2020.

Fall Season September - December 2019

There are many fantastic venues to tell and listen to stories in and around the Tri-Cities area (Kitchener-Cambridge-Waterloo) and more.

I have included my upcoming events where I will be attending and sharing stories.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Where JennyQ will be this month


Guelph Guild of Storytellers

What: Tales From The Hill

When: September 4th 2019 @ 7pm

Guelph Civic Museum

cost: FREE


Baden Storytelling Guild

What: Stories Aloud

When: September 13th 2019 @ 8pm

(doors open at 7:30pm)

Guelph Civic Museum

cost: $5