Welcome to JennyQ & You

JENNYQ and YOU  is the section on my site that describes the services I offer to you as creative content maker and as a Creative Companion

Creative Content Maker:  These  are projects related to writing.  Poetry, flash fiction, short story  and  blog posts.

Creative Companion: This service  combines my passion for people and my passion for creating.   These are blocks of one on one time called JennyQ Time, with you or someone whom you love dearly seeking companionship.

JennyQ Time:Your Creative Companion

JennyQ Time are blocks of time where I join YOU to do a fun activity of your choice.

JennyQ On The Block

How Long is a block?

A block is 30 minutes.  It is a half hour focussed on one activity of your choice.

How much is a block?

$30 / block

Option "FUN"     

This is a one hour visit (2 blocks) with JennyQ. 

Option "YOU"  

This is a two hour visit (4 blocks) with JennyQ 



If you can imagine it we can create it

Click the link to explore my style of creative writing in a variety of  formats.

Jennyq :author/poet/Storyteller

Creative Content Maker

Jenny Q Kuspira

Creator ~ Writer ~ Storyteller

If you can imagine it we can create it


$30/ page or less

$35/  two pages up to 5000 words.


$40 for a 20 minute set                   

As a creative content maker my passion and want is to help you elevate and share  your stories with your audience, clients and community.  It could be a poem, a short story or a section on your website.

I adore learning, researching and creating stories.   My skill set is working within short forms of writing, 5000 words or less. 

I also tell stories that average about ten min per telling, so a twenty minute set will give you two or three stories.

To further learn about my style of writing please feel free to explore my blog and writing sections of my site.