Boxing at TNT: Mind and Body Connection

The path way to boxing for JennyQ

As my 40th birthday  came closer and closer I was more mindful on how my body was aging.  I was more mindful of the fact that I was never really very athletic in any way.  A lifestyle choice I was now regretting.

Like many folks I joined a variety of gyms, I took yoga, I even  did a learn to run program.

I would have fantastic periods of dedication and then I would waver and quit.

I decided that I wanted to find some form of exercise that I would be both passionate and committed to for the rest of my life.

Then I came across TNT Boxing.  

Since my first session with Joel I was hooked.  The challenge of it lay in the simplicity of the work.  I am not suggesting it is easy, but there was no need for fancy equipment or moves.  Just wraps, gloves and dedication.  

From here, I started to develop a focus and mind body connection that I have never had before.  For the first time in my entire life I was comfortable in my body.

That was in the Spring of 2017 and I have not looked back.


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